New Android O- Octopus

New Android O- Octopus

With the upcoming release of the new Android O comes a rustle on what is going to be its name. Some say it would be Oreo, and another would say Octopus and many Other O’s that they can think of based on what is being released as hints of the said operating system. But then, what do you think it would be? Are you excited to find out? Read on!

Although, does name really matter? Most people would think that what it offers as a convenience to the masses is more important than what its name could be. So, it is only right that you know first its specs and features and the recent changes as well before you can judge it by its name. You do not necessarily have to judge it by its name though.

Now here are some of the awesome updates that you need to know before Android O is going to be released in the market.

Pixel Boot Screen Added.

New Android O- Octopus

It’s official! If you have your own pixel device, you should look out for the “powered by Android” logo on your boot screen. This is one of the latest updates that you can have for your Pixel device from Android O!

More Manageable Apps.

New Android O- Octopus

Have you ever experienced apps that are displaying themselves over other apps? That’s quite a struggle, right? Aside from that, it is also such an eyesore. It can even keep you from doing whatever that you want to do on your phone.

Now with Android O, you can disable such thing. You can also remove a notification that persistently alerts you of something that even blocks your view to your screen. You can solve this problem by going to the Settings, then tap Apps and notifications, App info, Show system, Android system, App notifications, and at last you have found your way to the “Display over other apps” toggle and flip it off. It’s actually going to be quite a dig but you’ll be fine and it’s really worth it.

Notification Dots.

New Android O- Octopus

During the last update, it showed that the notification dots for the Android O has only a constant blue colour. However, this time, it showed that the notification dots of Android O is going to be adaptive. Meaning, it will adapt to the colour scheme of the app where it will show a notification.

This is a pretty spectacular update as not only will it add up to the aesthetics of your screen but also it will be appealing to the eyes.

Performance and Bug Fixes.

New Android O- Octopus

The previous preview of Android O has got a lot of complaints about the battery drain, camera launch delay, and so much more! But then with this update, these issues have been fixed.

You can now enjoy longer hours of use for our smartphone with this operating system. Its performance and the bug system have already been fixed and it can now provide for your convenience!

“Change app icon shape” setting removed.

New Android O- Octopus

Have you wondered what could be the significance of the changed app icon shape setting on your phone that has been brought by Android O? This is actually for you to have your very own unique design of what your home screen would be like. Your apps can be a little bit more stylish than its regular look when you first install it with this kind of setting.

However, it has been removed in the fourth preview of Android O. Due to some reasons such as slowing down your device, the company has decided to remove it together with the Icon Badging. One of the issues addressed with this update that is somewhat in connection with this is that you can also enable or disable the Notification dots depending on your choice.

New System App Icon.

New Android O- Octopus

Have you gotten tired of how the system icon looks like? Now you do not have to be bothered by that anymore! Android O has changed the app icon so it now looks a little more Material.

Although, you might also be disappointed because this has not been implemented in every case just yet. You can check it out when you go to Setting, Apps and notifications, App info, Show system, and then you scroll the list.


There you have it! These are the new updates for Android O. You can check this out soon as the speculated release date for this operating system is in August this year. DO you think these updates will give you more opportunities to have fun with your device?

You should also take proper care of your devices too. Here are some of the suggested phone cases and covers that you might actually want to have a try. Aside from being durable, these are also fashionable as well.

New Android O- Octopus

New Android O- Octopus

New Android O- Octopus

New Android O- Octopus

New Android O- Octopus

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