Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year_s Pixel Phone

Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?

Google has phones that have recently been released. One has already been released and the other is yet upcoming. So far, Google has been impressive in their released device. The specs and features have been able to suffice the needs of the smartphone user and this is truly amazing!

The only issue that is seen at hand is that there is only less production of Google Pixel in its release. The growing demands of the public were not met and thus creating a disappointment among the interested Google Pixel users. However, this issue is being attended by Google itself and is deemed to attend the needs of the users.

With Google Pixel 2 that is going to be released sometime in the later months of 2017, the production is expected to be better as much as the specs and features have also been made more accommodating for the interested users of Google Pixel. This is for a reason that, who would want to wait for the supply of Google Pixel or Google Pixel 2 when Apple and Samsung are also releasing their latest updated smartphones?

With these being said, here are the features and specs of Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 that you shouldn’t miss!

Google Pixel: Features and Specs

Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?

Google Pixel was released in October of 2016. It has a dimension of 154.7mm x 75.7mm x 8.5mm which can also be converted into inches being 6.09in x 2.98in x 0.33in. It has a weight of 168 g and a splash and dust resistant SIM of a Nano kind. AMOLED screen display is already incorporated in the Google Pixel which makes it have a capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours. It has a display size of 5.5in and resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

Google Pixel 2 has a battery capacity of 3450 mAh so you would definitely enjoy having a great time with this smartphone. If you love taking photos at random moments of your day, you would think that this smartphone is definitely for you! It has a front and rear camera that could definitely meet your standards!

Its front camera has 8 megapixels and the rear camera has 12.4 megapixels. Your photography dreams are supported with Google Pixel’s storage of 32BG!

There are positive and negative remarks for Google Pixel. With over nine months of being out in the market, a lot of users have stated that it has a superb smooth performance and that the bright and colourful HD display is a total plus in their use of the said smartphone. Its size is also convenient for one-hand use of the phone is giving comfort to the user.

However, there are some things that the smartphone users have been disliking. They say that the battery life of the smartphone could be made better. They are yet to realise the full potential of the phone for that matter. Yet another of the most striking one of the feedbacks though is that it is a little bit more expensive than the price that the users were expecting.

Google Pixel 2: Features and Specs

Google Pixel 2 is rumoured to have its release on October of 2017. The latest leaks for Google Pixel 2 is a curved screen. You will definitely enjoy a 5.6-inch with an 18:9 display. Its resolution will be of 2560 x 1312 and that should give everybody a wholesome experience of watching movies, browsing for photos, and much more!

Google Pixel 2 is also rumoured to have an OLED screen which suits everybody’s love of saving the battery power. With OLED screen, there is no need for a backlight as it could produce its own light.

Google Pixel 2 is also rumoured to have a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. This makes for a better security that everybody would definitely enjoy. This is also going to be resistant from water and therefore enhance your experience with your smartphone! Now you do not have to worry about the water splashes and wet surfaces that might damage your phone.


With these smartphones, Google is definitely trying to wow us with their new technology. It can be said that the smartphones have been manufactured into and made its way to the market in order to suffice to the needs and wants of the smartphone users around the world.

As Google and the other companies are working hard in trying to give us the convenience that we need to have on our smartphone, it is only right that we take care of it too. Thus, phone cases and covers are needed by everybody to protect their smartphones from the unwanted bumps and scratches! Here are some suggestions that you need to try.

Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?Is Google Going to Wow Us with This Year’s Pixel Phone?

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