The Arrival of Google Home in Australia

The Arrival of Google Home in Australia

The long-awaited Google Home is now in Australia! This is definitely a huge event for the Australians as Google Home is an awesome invention that is supposed to make living even more convenient. This has been expected as during the I/O developer conference which happened in May, Google has announced that Google Home is on its way to the lives of the Australians. In fact, it has been said that it would arrive sometime in the middle of the year.

And now here it is!

Google Home Functions

The Arrival of Google Home in Australia

How does Google Homework though? Hands-free assistance might just be a thing in the world nowadays. From “Hey, Siri” to “Ok, Google”, it is safe to assume that more and more people have come to the realisation that they need a reliable assistant in the tasks that they need to do. So, how does Google Home work for the busy people of Australia?

Hands-free calling.

Now you can call somebody without even having to use your hands! Google Home lets you call phone numbers in the United States or in Canada. It doesn’t even have to be set up first you can do so. You just have to ask for a call and you will then be directed to that contact that you need to call. Another special feature of Google Home when it comes to placing a call is that it can even recognise your voice from the other people that are with you in the house. So, if you ask to place a call to your sister, then there’s no one other but your sister would Google Home reach.

Get answers directly.

Have you ever had a moment in your life where a certain thought just can’t help but pop up on your mind? You need an answer for that. Fortunately for you, Google Home is capable of giving you the answer that you definitely need. You can ask about recipes, how to pronounce certain words, and almost everything. In fact, what you search for on your computer’s browser, you can ask of Google Home too. The only difference is that you do not have to type your question with Google Home and you do not have to read the answer. You are most likely going to have a feeling of just talking somebody who really is knowledgeable.

Audio command.

Google Home can give you the best experience ever! You can actually request something from it. For example, you can listen to your favourite playlist on Spotify with the use of Google Home! You only need to command it of what you want to do or listen to and it will definitely deliver it right away. You can also access other apps here such as the Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and others.

Do more with Google Home.

Didn’t you know that Google Home can serve as your calendar as well? Except that it is far better than your usual reminder. In fact, when you permit it to have your location, it will be able to determine the exact time for the exact moment, the day, weather and much more! Also, it is capable of reminding you of the wonderful activities and errands that you need to do for the day.  Awesome!

Google Home Specs

The Arrival of Google Home in Australia


Google Home has dimensions of a diameter being 3.79 in which is equivalent to 96.4 mm, height is 5.622 in or 142.8 mm, and a power cable of 7.8 in which is equivalent to 1.8 m. You will find a little lightweight as this device only weighs 1.05 lbs which are equivalent to 477 g and a power adapter of 4.58 oz which is also equivalent to 130 g. You do not have to suffer having to carry it because it is not too heavy after all.


Google Home comes with one colour for now, but who knows, it might develop some new colours in the future. But for now, it has white colour for the body and a standard base of slate fabric for Google Home base.

Ports and Connectors

You can actually have your headphone in on Google Home as it has a DC power jack. It also has a Micro-USB port which is only for service.

Operating Systems

Google Home is compatible with operating systems such as Android 4.2 and higher, as well as iOS 8.0 and higher. This gives you more of the probability that you can actually use Google Home to give you more convenience in living.

These are things that you need to learn about the arrival of Google Home in Australia. You can get one for our own as soon as possible and have the convenience that you definitely deserve! You can now free yourself from the hassle of having to do your tasks while operating a device. With Google Home, you can do almost everything the hands-free way. This is definitely awesome!

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The Arrival of Google Home in AustraliaThe Arrival of Google Home in AustraliaThe Arrival of Google Home in AustraliaThe Arrival of Google Home in Australia

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