Android Nougat Release

Android Nougat Release

Android Nougat is finally released in the market! This has been waited by thousands of smartphone users as this has promised features that are definitely not easy to ignore. This has been released on August 22 of the previous year and it really gave a boost to the Android services.

For almost a year now, it has been circulating in the market and used by a lot of subscribers. What have been its features that made it loved by most people? What does it offer to the Android users out there who are still in doubt whether to have it or not? This is definitely the perfect time to somehow recap the features that it has boasted about quite a while now.

OS Speaks Your Language.

Android Nougat Release

This operating system has been upgraded to such an extent of actually having it speak your language. The world has been totally diverse and it is only right that not only English is spoken and used by our phones but also those of the other languages as well.

Having this feature makes it easier and more convenient for the users to communicate to one another in just a snap of the finger. This is totally great!

Updated emojis.

Android Nougat Release

Are you one of the millions out there who love using emojis in sending messages? Emojis are totally impressive in helping us send our messages with emotions, right? And this is perhaps the very reason why there are people who love it to the extent of actually sending a message with nothing else but an emoji or more!

You see, it is possible that a message is not verbal even when it is done through the phone! You can choose from a lot of different emojis and have some fun time doing experiments with your friends on this Android Nougat feature!


Android Nougat Release

You can now make your way from one app to the next with the multi-window feature of Android Nougat! You can also devour the opportunity of actually working between two apps side by side. Thus, sending a message while doing research for the improvement of your company or for some answers on your educational queries. This is definitely an awesome feature for the busy people out there who just want everything to be swift and easy.

Multi-window of Android Nougat is certainly a helpful tool to multitask efficiently and with ease.

Vulkan API.

Android Nougat Release

Android Nougat also comes with a Vulkan API which offers a huge change and improvement in the gaming world of Android. It gives a high-quality performance in 3D graphics! You will only be amazed by the sharp graphics and awesome effects that you can actually have with this feature!

With Vulkan API, you can have the opportunity to experience some kind of real life gaming! This is just so exciting for the gamers out there who would want to step up with their Android gaming experience.

Smart battery.

Android Nougat Release

Do you have a lot to do with your Android phone but cannot seem to do so because of the battery capacity? You do not have to worry about it anymore with the Android Nougat operating system. It helps your phone to only spend battery life on the apps that you are using.

This OS becomes your best friend in keeping your battery safe from unnecessary apps that keep on running on your device without you even realising it. This is definitely the convenience that you need and deserve!

Saves battery consumption.

Android Nougat Release

You are not always using your phone, are you? There will be some moments in a day when you just place your phone in your pocket or in your purse as you do something else. When this happens, it is possible that your phone is still running apps even when you are not using it.

With this Android Nougat OS, it totally helps you save the battery life. It can make your phone sleep for a while as you do something else. This is the OS making your device go on a low power usage in a certain duration. The said duration is totally dependent on how long you keep it in your pocket or in your purse. It would only restore on the normal power usage when you actually use it already.


These are the features that keep on entertaining the people for almost a year now. Who would’ve thought that this OS update could bring so much convenience to millions of people who are always on the go, right? Thus, it is only right to avail of this Android Nougat as soon as possible in order to enjoy the features and specs that this offers.

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Android Nougat Release Android Nougat Release Android Nougat Release

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