Are phones going bezel - less?

Are phones going bezel – less?

Have you got the feeling that phones have been going bezel-less too? Yes, in fact, there has been one smartphone in the market that has got a huge impact upon being bezel-less. When you browse the new upcoming flagships for 2017, you will get to realise that phones have been having a reduced to bezel-less feature. And guess what, consumers love it this way.

But first, let us make sure that we all are on the same page. What is a bezel? Is it really important to be included in smartphones? How would make a difference in the lives of the people who would use a smartphone?

What is a Bezel?

Are phones going bezel - less?

The bezel is actually a technical term that describes the outside frame of a computer, a machine, or a smartphone. This seems to be vital for those product developers out there because a bezel helps them out in assessing the overall capability of a device. This also makes them have an easier time in trying to find the possible ramifications that a certain device needs in due time.

As mentioned earlier, newer smartphones are having a reduced or bezel-less design. A device which has this kind of feature could allow for more screen size which is most probably the reason why most of the users are loving it. More screen size could mean a better resolution which offers everybody the opportunity to watch videos and browse photos in a really high-quality screen.

Functions of Bezel.

A bezel is not only there to consume space on your phone. In fact, it has its own functions. So, direct to the point. One of the functions of a bezel is that it holds the screen in place so that it wouldn’t slack off. It is possible that your smartphone screens could move sideways depending on how movable you get with it. So with a bezel, your phone screen is safe.

Another function is that a bezel could also keep your phone from detecting extra taps that you make with it. Your smartphone is most probably a touch screen one with a high sensitivity rate. Thus, one mistaken tap would send your phone to run some apps that you never intended to open at that instant. A bezel could help you out with this. It lets your device to be extra mindful of the taps that you make and decipher whether you really meant that tap or not.

So what happens with a bezel-less phone?

This is the most accurate question of the moment since a bezel seems to be really vital for a smartphone. Well, the issues have been answered. Newer models of smartphones have been made to rely less on the bezels to manage the screens. Thus, there is not much need of a bezel to make sure that your phone’s screen remains in place.

For the other issue, there have been apps available in the market to manage the unnecessary taps that you make on your touch screen. You wouldn’t need much of the help of a bezel in this case especially that you can just install the app that could help you out and off you go.

Flagships that are bezel-less.

As you know all these information already, it is the time that you meet the flagships in 2017 that has become bezel-less smartphones.

iPhone 8.

Are phones going bezel - less?

iPhone 8 has been rumoured to have a bezel-less feature as it has a screen display that is from edge to edge. It is believed to have a 5 inch and 5.8 inches of a curved screen so you can expect that this device has been manufactured with care as it has the features that are supposed to render a bezel kind of useless.

Some more features of iPhone 8 are rumoured to be its splash-resistance where it is capable of functioning efficiently even after being soaked with water or after being exposed to the wet environment. There are also some talks about it having a new glass design. With these, you can see that iPhone 8 is worth waiting for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Are phones going bezel - less?

This is also one of the most awaited smartphones this year. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is rumoured to have a bezel-less design that you can enjoy soon. Since it is bezel-less, you can just anticipate for its larger screen with high-quality resolution. This gives you the opportunity to have more of a great time in live streaming videos, browsing photos and much more awesome stuff!

Latest rumours about this device say that it is going to have a 6.3-inch of QHD AMOLED display. You could also enjoy its 6GB of RAM with a battery lifespan that could last for hours because of its 3300 mAh.

For the question of phones going bezel-less this year, yes they have evolved to have such an amazing feature. The smartphones mentioned above are the best examples of the ones that have adopted the new technology and have been most anticipated in the market this year. Both Apple and Samsung companies have upgraded their devices in such a way that it could become more convenient to the users.

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Are phones going bezel - less? Are phones going bezel - less? Are phones going bezel - less? Are phones going bezel - less? Are phones going bezel - less? Are phones going bezel - less?

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