Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

It is very common to have apps installed in smartphones after purchasing one. It would be kind of boring when people do not do so. In fact, there is a great possibility that in a day or two, installing apps would be the activity done by the user.

Downloading apps could consume the memory or the storage space that a smartphone has. It may be that the smartphone could come with an external disk, but this too would be consumed in due time. Thus, it is only right to choose the right application that could totally increase the entertainment and security that a user has on his or her phone.

Based on your experience so far, what could be the most innovative apps for your smartphone? It is truly important that you know about this so that you wouldn’t’ be downloading almost everything that you can see in the Google Play or in the App Store. Aside from keeping your phone secured and entertaining, you could also save up more storage space for other vital applications that you most definitely need!

If you are unsure about it, then here are some few suggestions off apps that deserve a space in your smartphone.

Smart Phone Lock.

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Your smartphone definitely needs security. You might have some phoney pranksters with you that might ruin your reputation. Prevent them from messing up with your phone with this Smart Phone Lock. This is a really impressive lock because the PIN changes in every minute of every day. Not only that, it could also be possible for you to unlock even without memorising the ever-changing PIN.

You only need to know the time of your phone to unlock. For example, the time is 7:53. Then your PIN would 0753. But this also depends whether you chose to have an offset of 5 minutes, then your PIN would be 0758. You could also have it reversed, then it would be 3570. Easy!

This is only available for Android.


Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Are you up for some mailing activities every day? Well, you might as well need this app. Shyp lets you out of the trouble of having to absorb the hassle vibes that you can get out of your transactions. But how does this work?

So, you need to have the Shyp app installed on your smartphone. Then, you only need to take a photo of the item that you want to be nailed and you just have to wait for the Shyp courier to deliver it to on your doorstep. You can make sure that it is made with the proper protocols as your item would be taken from the Shyp facility within or nearest your area.

This is available for both iOS and Android.


Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Are you having a hard time in monitoring your tasks for the day? Workflow app could help you solve that in just a few moments. This is a great tool for the automation of your tasks while you have a lot of other apps on your smartphone. You can make use of the drag and drop interface to manipulate this app’s services.

Need an assurance? Here are some of the things that Workflow does. It could give you the directions from Google Map for your next activity that you have set up on your calendar, it could tweet the songs that you have been listening, and even turn your videos into GIFs. What makes it more amazing is that it has its interface safe by making it foolproof!

This is available for iOS only.

Lock Me Out.

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Have you ever felt that you have some kind of an addiction with your phone? That has to be gotten over with. For your assistance of doing so, here is an app for you. Lock Me Out is truly an innovation at its best. How does this work?

After installing this app, you need to set up a time for how long you would want it to be locked up. For example, you are studying for an exam and you have set a rule to have a break every one hour and thirty minutes. Then you just have to set it up on your phone. The same process happens if you need to prepare a report for your work and the like. Helpful!

This is available for Android only.

As much as you need to be protected from different applications that would only consume the storage space without giving you the due services, your phone needs its own protection against unwanted bumps and scratches too! Thus, it would be perfect to have a combination of an awesome smartphone with innovative apps and a cool and fashionable phone case.

Here are some that could give you the satisfaction.

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

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