Tips to Enhance Android Performance

Tips to Enhance Android Performance

Human as we are, we tend to slow down when we get tired or overwhelmed by the different tasks that may bombard us throughout our lives. And we only need to have a little break and have some rest and we can then do our responsibilities as if we have just recharged. Then we are ready for another battle with the tasks that excite us somehow.

But machines work differently. They should be efficient in order for us to make the most out of them. Take the smartphones for example. At first, when we purchase it, the performance is just awesome! It can process tasks in an orderly manner and with such a satisfactory speed. But then, after some time of using, it lags and becomes a really annoying piece of machine.

It is such an inevitable thing for us to download awesome applications from Google Play. There are just a lot of stuff in there that could make truly entertaining and convenient for us. However, the consequences of these apps become the slowing down of the performance of your Android phone. Some helpful tips to enhance Android Performance should be kept in mind.

Cached Data clean-up.

Tips to Enhance Android Performance

If you want to optimise your Android, one of the finest thing that you can do is to clear your cached data. You see, the more apps you have, the more data would be cached up by your phone. This is only typical for smartphones. In fact, caching up bits and pieces of data from your apps would do well to the performance of your phone as it could speed it up. But then, it has a different kind of story when it comes to a phone that is low on storage space already. Cached data would only slow it down to the level of your annoyance.

Thus to solve your problem regarding this is to clean up your cached data. You could easily do this by navigating to the settings area of your phone and choosing Storage. You can see the Cached Data and when prompted whether to clear it or cancel, choose to clear.

Refrain from using Animations.

Tips to Enhance Android Performance

It would always be nice to have animations in your Android, right? It’s so pleasing to the eyes that there could be a lot of styles as to the transitions from one section to another. However, when the time comes when it gets lag and the sections of your phone seem to stick while doing some animations that you have previously set, it could just be irritating. Aside from that, it also consumes more of your battery power.

So to disable the animations on your phone, you just have to navigate to your setting, and then choose About Phone. You would be able to see the Builder Number and you have to tap 7 times until such time that a message would prompt about enabling the Developer options. You can then go back to your Settings and choose the Developer options that have just been enabled. You can see the Windows animation scale and just select Animation off when you spot it. You can do the same for the Transition setting.

Remove bloatware.

Tips to Enhance Android Performance

Another reason fo your phone not having a great performance is because of the bloatware that comes with the installed apps that you have. Be aware that every time you get to install a new app, a bloatware comes with it too. What is a bloatware? This is merely an application that is deemed to be worthless. You cannot use it but it still consumes battery power and processing power of your Android phone. This is just a nuisance and thus needs to be removed from your phone.

So how do you remove it? Simple, navigate to your Settings. Choose Apps and look for the application that you want to uninstall. Then you only need to choose the Uninstall option and select OK to be done with it.

Get rid of widgets.

Tips to Enhance Android Performance

Getting rid of them may be impossible as there could be some important stuff that you want to see without even launching an app. Widgets could totally help you with that. However, you cannot have a lot of them on your homescreen because this could totally slow your Android down. You may be quick to access the widget but your other apps are going to be the ones who get to suffer from it. So there is no doubt about it, you need to reduce your use of Widgets or you can also completely wipe them out.

How would you be able to do this? You just have to think properly and decide well on which Widget you would want to be removed. Long on that and drag to the removing area which could be at the top or bottom of your screen and press release. There you go, you have gotten away with the curse of a widget.


You see, your Android could be really helpful in your studies, job, and even in socialisation. You just cannot afford to have it slowed down by applications and setting that can be managed somehow. Knowing these hacks could not only save your phone from crashing but also saves you from the horrible state of being trapped into having a lag Android phone.

But of course, aside from protecting your phone internally, you should also protect it from the outside. You can have these new and fashionable phone cases for your Android phone.

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