The Nature of Internet Addiction

The Nature of Internet Addiction

Smartphone, tablet, and especially internet connection. You might probably have all of these already. In fact, what you are lacking is more time. You may have gone too far with the use of these gadgets together with an internet connection and it must have decreased your time and opportunity to do more in real life. In fact, you might just have been living in the virtual world without having much of a realisation of it yet. This is internet addiction.

If you think your smartphone and tablet are your friends, then perhaps they are sometimes. They help you with your assignments, work, entertainment, socialisation, and even getting out of awkward situations. But then most of the times, they are actually your enemies. You have to realise by now that all of your time spent on the internet with your “hi-tech” stuff wasting so much time doing things that do not have significance in your life; they are all hindering you from being with your loved ones. They are somehow depriving you of the chances that you could have some fun time with your family, away from the influence of that virtual reality. That would just be perfect for everybody.

What, do you deny being an internet addict? These are the symptoms that you are actually one.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Excessive use.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

Have you ever tried walking on the streets with a tablet on your hand surfing the internet? Have you tried sleeping at night with your smartphone on your hand? Do you use your smartphone even when you are eating? Couldn’t you get your tablet off your hand while talking to a friend in a real life scenario?

These are the primary questions that would determine whether you have been an internet addict or not. These could actually help you assess yourself if you could still change these routine and deny yourself a gadget for a day or two. If your answers to the questions above are yes, then you have gone too far in using your smartphone and tablet. It’s more than the time that you could use for your job or assignments. There could even be circumstances where you somehow ignore the existence of your family and friends because you just bow down to your device every time you are with them. Aside from being rude, this is actually a lost opportunity to have a good time with them.

You reach way too far from boundaries set.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

Let’s say for example that you have set your boundaries as to your internet usage. But then, when you become an internet addict, you tend to give more extensions to that deadline and the limit would be when you finally get to sleep, unintentionally. This has been kind of normal for most people but actually, you are having an addiction already. In fact, not only would you use one device, you would tend to switch from your smartphone to your tablet and back again. It’s just a long cycle for the day.

Lying about smartphone and tablet usage.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

Have you ever been asked by a suspecting person of how much time you get to use your smartphone and tablet in the internet? Now, when you lie about that, you tend to have one of the many symptoms of internet addiction. Lying would just mean that you are not comfortable about telling the truth to others in the fear of being judged as an internet addict. Then, this would only prove that you are actually one. Also, you could be lying about it to yourself too. Extending your time online is the best way to do so.

But do not be afraid, or ashamed of it. There is still hope for you. You can have these tips to let yourself go from the said internet addiction.

Tips to Cure Internet Addiction

Set a new smartphone and tablet usage boundary.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

The healing should come from yourself. There is no use of having somebody to help you deal with your addiction if you don’t believe in it yourself. You should be determined to end such a waste of time. To do it, a new smartphone and tablet usage should be set. You have to ask yourself, “How much time do I really need with internet today?”

Adapting to this new boundary is not easy; this could not even be done perfectly on the first day. But hen, for the following days, it should be easier for you to cope up with it especially that it is for your own benefit too.

Ask the support from your family and friends.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

You know, these people love you. They would help you no matter what. It is time that you realise this and makes use of these people to help you out with your addiction. You can ask them to monitor your time usage online and go out with them whenever that happens. You have a world outside the internet, away from your smartphones and tablet, go dwell in it.

You actually need the support of your family and friends in this endeavour because you could hardly do it on your own. Some cheer ups from them would definitely do.

Monitor your own progress.

The Nature of Internet Addiction

You need to monitor your progress on your own too. You can have a daily reminder of how much you have done for the day before and compare it to your goal for the day. There could be some challenges along the way but you could definitely fight it through. You can actually see this as some kind of an adventure for the week, and then for a month until it becomes your regular schedule.

Of course, these hacks are not easy to do while you are in the first stages. You just have to do it until you become used to it. You can surely overcome this challenge.

However, you still need to protect your device. You can utilise these phone cases and covers for it.

The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction The Nature of Internet Addiction

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