Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Smartphones have made their way into the palms of almost every student. There are those who use iPhones, and some prefer Android. But regardless of the type of smartphone students are using, they are still prone to installing applications that deem necessary for each of their educational needs.

There are actually a lot of applications that the students can find really helpful. The reviews for those applications have been overwhelmingly satisfactory that they are in fact recommended for the use of students to heighten their knowledge. There are also those that could totally assist them in the subjects that they find tough. Even, an online course is also available for those who do not think of going back to school any sooner.

Here are some examples of the greatest ones.

Ready4 SAT

Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Do you love assessing yourself first before you even expose yourself to the brain-consuming quiz that your teacher might give you? This Ready4 SAT could definitely help you. This has a record of setting up the test for you in order to somehow give you an idea of what you would face in the battlefield, your classroom. It also offers some tips on how you should study and how you should prepare for the said quiz.

If you are up for some competition, you can also trust this application for it. It could compare your test result to people who are taking the same around the world. How would it feel like when you top the quiz? You need to try this out before your time runs out; before your teacher could give you his version of the test.

You need not worry about having an iPhone or an Android. You can just download this application from iTunes and Google Play for free!


Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Do you hate your math so much that you want to get rid of them really quickly? Well, you wouldn’t be able to do it without putting up some effort, you know. But do not worry, you can rest easy. With this Photomath, you can have the best assistant in trying to solve for the x! You can easily get over your algebra by just taking a photo of the given equation and let this application do the trick. It would give you a step by step solution for you which include some playful extras that could help you solve the rest homework using the same principle.

Photomath could be a great preparation for the exams too! It could let you practice as many equations as possible so that you could master it and even top your quiz or exam! Perfect!

You can also get this for free in both iTunes and Google Play.


Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

As a student, it is inevitable for you to have a writing composition. It’s either you would be tasked to write an essay, construct a poem, even a narrative; you just have to be competitive. Be conscious of your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling in order to have your piece an awesome grade. Thus, you need to have a personal editor for yourself. You cannot rely on your word preprocessors as these may fail in giving you the necessary editions.

This GradeProof application could save you from embarrassments as this could detect when you have plagiarised others’ work, be it intentional or not. This application is just awesome as you do not have to go to an actual editor yourself to have your work checked, that it just pure inconvenient. With GradeProof, you can check your work right after you are done writing it. Smooth!

GradeProof can only be downloaded from iTunes, though. But it is free! You only have to have an upgrade so that it could give you its full service as some wouldn’t be available with its free version.

Periodic Table

Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Are you having some kind of a hard time with your Chemistry subject? Have you been stuck with the Periodic Table? Well, you should know that it doesn’t have to be tough. With this Periodic Table application, you will be able to find out that Chemistry is an endurable and exciting subject after all.

This application can give you the virtual; periodic table, with podcasts and videos that would intend to give you information on the elements that can be found in the table. These podcasts and videos truly show what these elements are and what they could do. If you think that you would be overwhelmed by the information that you could get here, then you should relax. These have been designed in a manner that you need to go level after level. You would go from novice to an AP Chemistry student. Brilliant!

You can have this Periodic Table application on iTunes and Google Play for free.


These are the best educational applications that you can have installed on your smartphone. There could also be a lot more! You should evaluate yourself as to which of the subjects you have now given you a headache. Then, refer to this for the best and competitive applications that you could use.

Are you ready to have the spotlight of being intelligent? Well, you should be. Because with these applications, it is almost impossible that you cannot be in the list of honour students in your class!

And, since your smartphone could give you this much of a potential, you need to protect it as much as you can! Here are some of the suggestions that you can take for the protection of your smartphones.

Educational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your SmartphoneEducational Applications for Your Smartphone





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