The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

Can you still remember the first phone that you owned? How about the computer that you used to play with when you were still young? Or the telephone that you used to prank your friends? All of them have changed now.

Look around you. Have a moment of realising that your phone now has actual changed. You may even have your own personal computer right now and maybe staring at it as of this moment. Do you still need that telephone when you have your smartphone now? No. Of course, you do not. You can contact your friends and family with your smartphone already. You can even send an email through it, thus the minimal need of a personal computer, right?

But, have you ever wondered how all of this has happened? Do you happen to realise that the technology has been changing from time to time? Even Apple has their annual conference known to be as Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference. And almost every year, they are announcing updates of the already existing models or a whole new version! Yes, this is how fast everything is changing.

Let us now enumerate the things that you may have failed to notice throughout these years.


The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

Did you know that you can do almost anything with your smartphones? With all the applications available, you can altogether ignore your laptop at that! In fact, according to a recent statistics, 90% of the people could not get their phones off of their range. This only reflects how much people rely on their smartphones most of the time. And even you are guilty of that!

Now, it might get you wondering, what could our laptops do that smartphones cannot? Do we need to have our own laptops when we have smartphones already? Well, the answer may vary depending on the kind of situation that you may be in at the moment.

Social networking sites.

The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

For millennials, it is hard to get away from the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatnot. Surveys have found out that Facebook and Twitter are the most prominent social networking sites that have been used for the previous year. Together with the continuous developments made by the developers of Facebook and Twitter, it is expected that the number would rise even more than that of the previous year.

In what seems like a long time ago, Friendster has been the most prominent one. However, the creation of Facebook somehow made it vanish. Facebook now has an overwhelming number of active users who access the site most of the time through their mobile phones. This somehow manipulates people as to the activities that they should and should not do, depending on what is trending.


The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

As you can remember in the previous decade, there was no WiFi that has been developed to be as efficient as it is now. Almost everyone is into LAN, but now, WiFi has evolved into being as convenient to the majority as it could ever be! There seems to be limitless of things that people can do with their efficient internet connection. A lot of work are properly done and even for the students who have their thesis, the improved internet connection has definitely made life easier and enjoyable!


The Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity

Well, since you are familiar with it already, there is no need to describe its physical appearance. Tablets have been most helpful for everyone who love to have a wider screen and with a camera and a virtual keyboard. This actually functions like that of a desktop or laptop but this offers great convenience! You can write your documents here and this is also perfect for digital photography and videography.

You see, as a smartphone seems to be an upgrade for a laptop, tablets are an upgrade for smartphones too! the development of technology just wouldn’t let anybody down, what with the services that it offers to everyone.

Effects of Technology on Humanity

Given the many updates already, it is the time that you get to realise its effects on the people who continuously use it.


Most users of these high-tech gadgets have relied on to these and not to their own capability anymore. The more these technologies made life easier for people, the more would people take advantage of it and even ignore that they can do in the real world. For instance, instead of actually painting, most would resort to the virtual world where they could edit, undo, or redo any of their work. Thus, the talent and development of the skill may be lost in the process.

2.Easy connectivity.

The fore-mentioned developments and evolution of technology paved way for everyone to get in touch with family and friends from across the globe. The enhanced internet connection made them capable of seeing one another in a video call. Instead of having to wait for mails, it can now be received through email in just one click! It made everyone feel like they are never alone as long as there is someone who is keeping in touch, and this is very essential for anybody to survive in the hardships that this realm could offer.


Yes, admittedly, the developments of technology definitely gives convenience to everybody. This is actually the whole point of it. So, with the existence of smartphones and tablets, there is not much need for a desktop nor a laptop since its functionalities can be performed in the smartphones and tablets already.

Thus, people can totally have a great time when they make use of these technologies. They cold also save much of their time as jobs and assignments could be done easily and efficiently.


As this is so, you need protection for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, and even on your iPad! You have read how important these improvements to technology have been very helpful in your lifestyle. Thus, as a payback, you should also offer protection that lasts and which goes with your style as well. Try to look at these and be amazed at how large of a closet you would need for your devices’ cases and covers!

The Development of Technology and Its Effects on HumanityThe Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity  The Development of Technology and Its Effects on HumanityThe Development of Technology and Its Effects on HumanityThe Development of Technology and Its Effects on HumanityThe Development of Technology and Its Effects on Humanity


Imagine yourself not using any gadgets for a day. Do you think you can do it? I guess you could but then you might just have a hard time. This way, you can find a really great value of whatever device you may be having right now.

Just remember though that there are also a lot of great things that you can do offline. Try to think about it. You might even have survived your childhood without much of what you have right now!

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