Apple AirPods Scored High Customer Satisfaction

Remember those wireless headphones a lot of people made fun of?  Yeah, that one! PEOPLE ADORE THOSE! Apple’s AirPods ( the cordless in-ear headphone) are quite easy to lose that Apple created a tool referred to as “Find my AirPods”. Despite this, it has scored well in terms of customer satisfaction.

Recently, A market research firm (Creative Strategies) has conducted a survey regarding wireless headphones an customer satisfactions. The survey was conducted in partnership with Experian. A record breaking result of 98 percent was given to AirPods as owners said they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with this type of wireless headphone.



The big buzz is about the customer satisfaction with AirPods. Remarkably, 82 percent said they were satisfied. The overall customer satisfaction level of 98 percent sets the record for the highest level of satisfaction for a new product by Apple. When the iPhone came out in 2007, it has received 92% overall customer satisfaction level, the iPad in 2010 at 92% and the Apple Watch in 2015 with 97%.

Results posted to the firm’s website on Monday did not apply figures to other customer ranking levels, though a bar graph showed only a sliver in the “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” category, and an even smaller representation for those “dissatisfied” with the product. Judging by the graph, no respondents selected “very dissatisfied” as an answer. The graph for customer satisfaction has the following criterion:

  • Time it takes to change airpods ( 98 % customer satisfaction)
  • Design ofAirpod Case ( 97% customer satisfaction)
  • Bluetooth pairing process with iPhone ( 97% customer satisfaction)
  • Battery life ( 95% customer satisfaction)
  • Comfort ( 95% customer satisfaction )
  • Secure fit in ears ( e.g. AirPods do not fall out(93% customer satisfaction)



Diving deeper into the numbers, respondents offered high marks —97 to 98 percent —for specific features including time to charge, charging case design and Apple’s pairing process. Powered by Apple’s W1 chip, Airpod’s pairing is defined by a one-tap process which is compatible with Macs and iPhones and is available in the market as marquee feature. Battery life and comfort received average scores of 95 percent, while a secure fit —a major concern prior to AirPods’ release —scored at 93 percent.


Ultimately, the survey asked several general questions to determine customer opinion about AirPods and the additional product launch. It was notable that 82 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that AirPods are their favorite Apple. Currently, AirPods allow users to pick up calls by simply tapping on either earbud. With a double tap, it will invoke Siri for advanced controls like track skipping (when listening to music) and volume adjustment.


As a conclusion, Apple has achieved a rare achievement we have not seen in so many years of new technology products. Apple has succeeded at delivering a product with an industry best customer satisfaction rating and Net Promoter Score rating. These two things alone draw much attention to the quality of AirPods in general and the reality that there will be very unhappy owners of the Apple’s latest items.


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