How Can I Survive Winter In Australia?

Australia is the perfect place where the toilets swirl backwards and the seasons are confused. The stars shine upside down and it is winter down there when everybody is basking under the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter season is from June to August. Australia is a continent that experiences a variety of climates due to its size. The temperature can range from below zero in the Snowy Mountains in southern Australia to extreme heat in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the continent.

You have to plan ahead for some of the activities you can do during the winter season and what kind of phone case and cover will fit your destination:

1. The weather is still beautiful despite the fact that it is winter. It is not that cold and the coldest temperature only bottoming out in Sydney at about 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). It is even warmer in the northern part of Australia. Thus, it is still the perfect time for swimmers and surfers to visit famous beach destinations to catch some waves. Here are some of the cases that you might take with you to the beach:

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2. Take road trips during the winter. . You may have heard that Australia’s Outback center is a scenic yet steaming desert, which is why it’s best to see this beautiful part of the country during the winter months. You can even find a camper van for a major and awesome league road trip for the winter season.

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3. The coming winter will be perfect for Great Festivals and social gatherings. One of the biggest of these celebrations is the VIVID Sydney which has the largest party of lights, ideas and music in the Southern Hemisphere. The VIVID festival features free nightly light shows and incredible art installations, LED-decorated boats cruising the harbor, live music, creative conferences, and the sails of the legendary Sydney Opera House illuminated with mesmerizing 3D projections. Other winter festivals include August Amhem Land’s Garma Festival showcasing aboriginal culture to name a few. Here are some festival ready cases:

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4. For those sports buffs, winter is the perfect time to explore the water activities like surfing, swimming, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. There are various ski snow peaks in the country like the Mt. Perisher and Buller. You can also engage in playing Rugby and cricket.

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5. You can take a class while the nights are cold and the days are shorter during winter. You can learn how to cook and bake. Eventually, throw a dinner party for your friends and family. There are communities which offer seminars and workshops as well as social activities you can engage in. To keep you uninspired here are some interesting cases to dress up your phones:

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Blue Retro Horse Texture Leather Samsung Galaxy S8 Case


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