Essentials for Easter Vacation

easter-eggs-1231120_960_720I know how excited you are for your Easter holiday. Yet, you have not packed your bags! The worst thing is that you do not even know what to bring for your Easter getaway. With Easter fast approaching, there are a lot of Aussies who are looking forward into having a vacation with their families and friends. To help you with your dilemma, we have put together some essential stuffs you might want to bring along with you and of course a corresponding iPhone case or cover!

What-to-bring List For Women
A cosy coat suitable for the climate of the destination you might have for Easter holiday. You can opt for leather or trench coat for colder countries. For warmer places, you might as well make use of a sweater or cardigan. If you are going on a holiday towards the Northern Hemisphere, you will need to pack clothes that are accustomed to the season of spring. You might want to look into kaleidoscopic prints and pale pastels. Floral and printed (leopard or animal prints) can be fashionable too. For a subtle look, you can stick into neutrals like sugar pink or biscuit beige. For your shoes, you can bring along with you a pair of slip-on shoes which are lightweight and comfortable. You can also look into strappy sandals for a more feminine look.

Before you pack your things, bring along with you your essential toiletries. Do not forget about the sunscreen. You will be doing a lot of walking and strolling. Thus, you need protection when you go under the sun for quite awhile.
For your Easter accessories, you can look into retro sunglasses which are a thing for this season. You can also bring along with you a tote bag that you can carry around with you. Get your holiday money organised with a wallet-style phone case which can provide you with ample room for cash and card. This will surely make your trip more organized and convenient. Here are some of the wallet-style phone cases:

National Embroider Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Case

Brown Horizontal Flip Leather Wallet iPhone 7 Case


Easter Holiday Essentials For Men

When you are packing stuffs for men, you have to be more casual especially if you are heading out for a spring vacation. Ditch the suit and tie and wear your Easter holiday ensemble with comfort and vibe!
The key to an awesome wardrobe is the ability to layer it up. Layering is the key on spring holiday, especially if you are going somewhere in Europe where the weather can be unpredictable. You can bring along with you chambray shirt, buttoned-down shirts, slogan tees and some loafer shoes. A pair of trainers and flip flops will surely make you look prepared for anything. You can also bring along with you a cap and lots of sunscreen.


For your accessories, you might be using a lot of walking around when you are on your Easter vacation. You can also buy a pair of sunglasses. Thus, you can invest a sturdy backpack with various compartments. You also need a functional wallet that will allow you to carry your cash and cards along with your phone!
You can also invest on a new swimwear. You can opt for soft summer pastels and bright citrus colors. Try stacking up two or three pairs with you. Having several colors in your bag will make you look fresh the entire vacation.

Black Detachable Horizontal Flip Leather Wallet iPhone 7 Case


Black Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Detachable iPhone 7 PLUS Case


If you are visiting your family or relatives, you have to bring along with you some Easter presents. This will surely bring them some warmth and smile when you arrive. It will be perfect if you can purchase a present for the entire family. Try a basket full of chocolates or other gift basket ideas you can think of.
When packing your clothes, you have to make sure that you are bringing clothes that can be use for day and night. You should pick out the clothes that will make you look good while on a city break or an afternoon walk in the beach. With everything sorted out, there is only one thing that you need to do: SIT BACK, RELAX AND UNWIND.


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