Why Aussies Celebrate Earth Hour Down Under?


Aussies really love Mother Nature that they have spearheaded a lights-off event in Sydney in 2007. There were 2,100 businesses and 2.2 million people participated in turning all their lights off for an hour.  Since then, Australia has joined the global community in the observance of EARTH HOUR.  This event has engaged more than 7000 cities (with 50-100 million people)   around the world. It has a huge mainstream community on a plethora of environmental concern.

Earth hour is an awesome home grown victory for Mother Nature. This is Australia’s effort in drawing attention to the pressing issues concerning global warming. It was also geared towards inspiring people on how to make a difference. Last year 2016, there were millions of Australians who took part of Earth Hour to support the goal into decreasing pollution , cleaner energy and an environment that will allow them to continue the best of what nature has to offer.

This year, Earth Hour will celebrate its 10th year anniversary of progress on the dynamics of climate change. We have come a long way into promoting renewable energy. Right now, there are at least 1 out of 7 household in Australia which were installed with solar panels on top of their roofs. Across the globe, the movement to protect Mother Nature has been tremendous with the global agreement in Paris to discuss climate change, with the 3.4 million hectares of marine parks protected in Argentina as well as the banning of plastics bags in the Galapagos Island. Every voice involved in the Earth Hour has been an unstoppable ripple of efforts for our planet.

More than ever, we should all keep in mind that our actions today will absolutely affect the course of climate change. We shape the future for the coming generations. We have to make our kids to be active recyclers, support renewable power sources and they are well informed about the ill effects of pollution to our environment However, the future is under serious threat because of the rising temperature and monstrous weather disturbances. We should learn how to find that delicate balance in nature that we enjoy so much.

This coming Saturday, March 25, 2017, switch off and unplug to support the progress for the future of our children.Switch off your electricity for an hour to #JoinTheFuture.

iCoverLover supports Earth Hour. We also aspire for a better and cleaner tomorrow for our children. In our efforts, we want to promote what is favorable for Mother Nature. We join the global community in our aim of making tomorrow an amazing one for the future. Here are some of our recommended iPhone cover and cases and Samsung  covers and cases to express support for Earth Hour:

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With all our collective efforts in addressing climate change problems, we will surely make a difference. This, Tomorrow is going to be AMAZING Leather Wallet iPhone 7 Case will definitely make sense.



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