Penelope Cruz Is Donatella Versace in the American Crime Story


You heard it right, the Spanish beauty, Penelope Cruz will portray Donatella Versace in the upcoming American Crime Story. Although it was rumored and announced that Lady Gaga will be the one to play as Donatella, there were several changes with the plans.

The American Crime Story is dubbed to be the spin–off of the television series American Horror Story by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Another Oscar–winning actress will take the lead role in the Versace version of the American Crime Story. Penelope Cruz will channel the orange skinned and platinum haired Donatella Versace.

It was cited by The Hollywood Reporter that Edgar Ramirez will play as Gianni Versace. Andrew Cunanan the serial killer who murdered Gianni in front of their Miami mansi0n shall be played by Darren Criss. The crime drama will cover 10 episodes exploring the murder, aftermath and the efforts exerted by the police to capture the perpetuator.
The series entitled Versace: American Crime Story will premiere next year, 2018. Although many hearts are broken without Lady Gaga to fill the fabulous shoes of Donatella, Penelope Cruz will definitely slay in this role.

Versace and Their Signature Glam Style
Before the death of Gianni which shocked the entire fashion world, Versace was known to be the largest fashion houses in the globe. They are known for creating the most spectacular gowns. Donatella Versace soar into stardom as the most preferred designer for the hottest Hollywood celebrities.

The Versace label was established in 1987 has been successful in their niche luxury apparel. Today, The Versace Group employs more than 2000 professionals in various locations globally. From Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Gwen Stefani, Versace has dressed these stars for their red carpet glam.
Versace’s style will vary according to the character of the person being styled. There is something special for every taste possible. Donatella can style a celebrity with the best dress that will highlight her greatest assets. Whether it is comfortable or casual, to drop dead fabulous gowns, Versace has unlimited creative designs to offer their clients. The creations of Donatella are classy, sleek and sophisticated as well as elegant as the personality of the individual shines through.

Here are some of the hallmark signs of the glam Donatella Versace design:
• Seductive and enticing clothes defines Donatella’s design. Since Elizabeth Hurley worke her safety-pin gown in 1994, it brought fame to her and the Versace brand. She is fond of designs that flatters the figures, exaggerates proportions and has that sexy elegance a woman could ever imagine. Donatella upholds the design philosophy of her brother Gianni which is to keep empowered women as the focus of the brand. Expect sultry, decadent and bold pieces when you work with the Versace label.

1-Fullscreen capture 2017-03-022
• Unapologetic and bold was the character of the Versace Brand. Their ability to fuse high fashion and street style has paved the way for pompous and avant-garde designs. With their rock and roll influence, you can expect the mixing of mediums like leather, metal, bright colors and mesh. You will surely exude that neo punk vibe which shows off Donatella’s inclination to music. She has close friendships with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Elton John.
• Versace embodies their Medusa Logo so well. There iconic logo is an on point metaphor of their style philosophy-seductive and strong. Gianni Versace opted for this symbol because he was hoping to empower women with his sleek and bold clothes. He wants all women to be empowered and can manipulate the male with just a gaze.

For all those empowered women, we want to lend a hand in creating their Versace-inspired outfits. You can experiment with various fashion pieces like studs, metals, leather and flamboyant.

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