Bring Out the Emma Watson Style In You With Our Fab iPhone Cases and Covers!

                                                     witch-155291_960_720   After her phenomenal stint has Hermione Jean Granger in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson recently hit the big screen with her latest Disney movie- Beauty and the Beast. Emma will bring Belle to life in the big screen. Recently, she was rumoured to have been the latest victim of photo leaks in the deep dark web. The photos were said to be taken during a swimsuit fitting activity. However, the British star and UN Ambassador has denied the issues and instructed her legal counsel to deal with this issue. Emma has always been an epitome of grace under pressure and of course flawless taste in fashion.

The 26-year-old Emma Watson is not a newbie in the red carpet. She has been gracing the red carpet since she was 11 years old during the promotion of the Harry Potter film franchise. For the last 15 years, we have witnessed how Emma blossomed to be the exquisite and fabulous style star of her generation. She has been featured in countless fashion magazines including the acclaimed Elle, W, and Vogue.

Growing up in the public eye, Emma and her style has developed constantly along the way. She has added Chanel and Dior on her wardrobe as well. She is being styled by Rebecca Corbin Murray. She mastered the art of balancing high fashion/couture and relevance to her adoring fans.

Emma and Australia has some ties from the past. She was reported to be dating an Aussie guy in 2008 whom she met in drama school in London. The guy was said to be from Perth.

For that reason, we have summarized her best outfits to unravel her sophisticated style. You can totally get an idea on how to whip up your Emma Watson- inspired outfit. Also, to complete your fashion ensemble we have chosen iPhone cases and Samsung covers to complete the look. How fab is that?

Our dear Emma wore an Osman AW16 look featuring poppies for the White House Correspondents Dinner. Osman reportedly hand painted the poppies which aws finished with embroidery work in 3D. To pull the look together, we have chosen the Red Fierre Shann Copper Coin Leather Wallet iPhone 6 PLUS & 6S PLUS Case. This is truly functional and fabulous!


For the Beauty and the Beast photocall in Paris, Emma made this Parisians smile with her extremely stylish dress! She steppe out in an edgy Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 royal blue dress while in the French capital city. To add more zest and life, we have chosen the Blue Flower Case. The case will protect your iPhone 7 with minimal slim-fit design.Flawless just like Emma!


The Beauty and The Beast promo leg continues, and Emma Watson has gone and given her fans precisely what they were all waiting for a yellow Belle-inspired gown. You surely know how to taunt us, Emma. To make her look even more fabulous, we have picked out this Gold Diamond Leather iPhone 6 & 6S Case fit for a princess!


Emma knows how mix class with comfort. She Is wearing a cream-colored suit on top of her white collared button down shirt. Her lacey shorts made this look so classy! Not to mention the fedora hat that gave this look an edgy appeal. For your iPhone, you can dress it up with a White 3D Flower Palace iPhone 5 & 5S Case.This will definitely make your bolder side stand out.


Finally, it is not just her Aussie fans who cannot get enough of her elegant style. She was also awarded the title British Style Icon in 2014 at the British Style Awards. With her tuxedo-style Dior coat and black ensemble, she screams so much style and sophistication in her! You can copy this outfit too for work or even formal events. However, you can complete the look with our modern Black Diamond Leather iPhone 6 PLUS & 6S PLUS Case.  This was made to complement the empowered woman you are.


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