The Mesmerizing Mandala Art in Fashion and Style!

The colors and shapes that a person creates with a Mandala has spiritual and artistic aspect. When you look into a Mandala, you are drawn into it. You suddenly feel enthralled and diverted into a different dimension and state of mind. The movement of this form of art has been progressively more popular in various social media platforms. The western world has been so fascinated with mandalas! You can find tattoo artists ink it down for girls. There are mandala art therapy color books which have proven by science to be therapeutic and calming. Coloring mandalas encourage a state of deep engagement brought about through artistic expression and thus may help to decrease anxiety.

According to a study by Belchamber in 2003 entitled “Color Therapy cites that the complexity and structure of the plaid and mandala designs drew the participants into a meditative-like state that helped reduce their anxiety. Coloring the symmetrical form of the mandala with its repeating patterns and complexity purportedly helps to draw individuals into a state similar to meditation.

The fashion industry has embraced this design that is all about symmetry, color and soul. There are many fashions –loving girls who are into mandalas. They love the funky-carefree gypsy look that they can wear with their mandala-inspired clothes.  There are men who also appreciate these designs through their tattoos and clothes. This fashion trend is very appealing to men because of the Mandala’s geometric style pattern. This is definitely masculine and creative at the same time.

Origin of Mandala

Mandala (Sanskrit maṇḍala मंडलः “circle,” “completion”) is the sacred geometric pattern or device used in religious practice in Buddhism, Hinduism and Tibetan. This is used to establish a holy space and facilitates meditation, focusing attention and a symbolic way to liberation.  This has been a generic term for any chart, geometric pattern or plan that can represent the Universe in a more human perspective. The mandala is closely related to nature.

There are accessories for men and women featuring the mandala design. What’s more interesting is that, iPhone accessories caught the Mandala fever too! The craze is not over at this artistic masterpiece. Another way to express your fondness for Mandalas is through your iPhone cases and covers. Samsung users can dress up their phones with various covers and cases with the popular Mandala artwork.

The word “MANDALA” is from the Sanskrit language which has a plethora of definition. It could be defined as an oval, circle, discoor a province. This art form has diverse purpose including meditation, concentration and representing the seven chakras (energy centers in our bodies). For fashion lovers, mandalas speak so much about style and gorgeous fashion taste. Whether you fancywearing a Bohemian, tribal and artsy outfit, a mandala iPhone case can definitely pull the look together.

What better way to keep your most prized phone safe than a mandala-inspired case and cover. Our line of charming iPhone mandala cases and covers will definitely complete your outfit of the day!

Pick out a color or design that will suit your preference and personality. When choosing a color for a mandala, it is a very personal experience. Colors bear symbolic meaning. Depending on what you want to manifest, you should wear that color with your iPhone case!Mandalas are truly versatile and creative. It has diverse definition to the one who wears it. To help you figure out what Mandala -themed iPhone Case or Samsung cover will suit your, here is a guideline about colors and their meaning:

  • Orange – this is perfect for invoking creativity and self-awareness
  • Red- To exude passion, strength and energy. You should pick this color
  • Pink – is all about love
  • Yellow = spells learning, wisdom, and laughter
  • Purple- signifies your spirituality
  • Blue- pertains to your emotional health and well-being
  • White- will make you pay attention and remain focused
  • Black – awakens deep thoughts and identity
  • Green – signifies respect and love for nature

Your Mandela iPhone case can fit various occasions or gatherings. You will surely exude with style and glam for having such popular and significant art form. Take some time and look into our wide array of Mandala–themed cases to match your fashion preference!


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