The Link between Smart Phones, Fashion and Phone Accessories

slider-fashionOver the past few years, our mobile phones have been more than just the pragmatic means of communication that we use every day. Now, a smart phone is an essential style statement for both men and women.  A handheld device can be a form of self-expression and personality.

A lot of individuals nowadays, see their phones as part of their daily outfit. They need their smart phones to keep things organized and manage their busy lives. The way we make use of our mobile phones as we go through our activities of daily living, compels us to constantly hold the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some, even barely put their mobile phones down, even during meals.

Evidence from a study by James Satomi entitled “Mobile phones as fashion statements: evidence from student surveys in the US and Japan” suggested that young individuals are making use of mobile phones as a way of expressing their sense and how they perceive others through a “fashion” lens. Perhaps, this explains why a lot of us want to upscale our phones as trendy, stylish and practical as possible.

Australia has developed a love affair with smart phones. In the contemporary digital and inter-connected world, a smart phone is a cut above the rest and now known to be the most preferred mode of interactions among Australians. According to Deloitte Australia TMT mobile Consumer Survey in 2015, there is an enormous 79% of Australians who happens to own a smart phone, with an even higher expected penetration rate in the coming years.


Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to battle it out in a stern competition in the Australian “GAME OF PHONES”. Apple has retained its place in 2015 as the widely used mobile device by Aussies below 45 years old.

Our phones are as visible as the clothes, make up and accessories we wear. Whatever is visible to others, we must make it pleasing and presentable. Thus, there are mobile phone owners who want their handheld devices to be as attractive and expressive of their preference and fashion taste.

For the past decade, technology has evolved into a fashionable item. Many aspects of the tech industry are now succumbing to the quirks and demands of the fashion realm. Your carry-anywhere phone is a very intimate device. Men and women express their personality through it as usual fashion items do. Women wear it like their expensive handbags. Men on the other hand, sport it around like their expensive leather jacket.


Perhaps the best explanation of this behaviour is the existence of the Appartgeist Theory. This is a theory in which the mobile device becomes more than the affordances and technology of the apparatus. In this case, the mobile phone becomes an extension of the individual and the group. It also transforms into a symbol of the group’s behavorial and social norms.

Young smart phone users want to express individuality and style. They want to be trendy and chic. Their phones have to be a personal style statement. Being fashionable is all about enhancing the aesthetic value of their phones, increasing in variation and be subject of flattery among their peers. This explains the existence of various phone accessories.

Phone accessories allow users to personalize their mobile phones. For iPhone users, these accessories range from holsters, cases, covers, stickers and a lot more. These items are available in various designs, materials and functionality.

One of the most important iPhone accessories that you can buy is a case/cover. These cases and covers serve various purposes which render them as awesome investments. Most of the time, it is for the protection of the smart phone why people purchase a case or a cover. Apart from this obvious reason, there are a lot of advantages why you need to invest on an iPhone case today:

·         When you buy an iPhone case, you are protecting your device from dust, liquid spills, and scratches as well as from the heat of the sun.

·         You can add style to your smart phone since you carry it with you all day long. After awhile, your friends, co –workers and family member will associate you with the kind of phone you use and how you style it. Thus, you have to accessorize your phone by using a personalized case. A colourful case or stylish cover with an awesome quote on it will make a girl’s phone an eye candy. For men, a sleek and robust looking case will speak a lot of their exquisite taste and masculinity.

·         There is an iPhone case to match every lifestyle and preference. For those men and women who prefer to personalize their phones, they can incorporate a case/cover into the various outfits they plan to wear. With endless designs like retro and sports designs using various materials including exotic genuine leather, wood, marble, metal and seashell made cases and covers will definitely complement your fashion ensemble.

·         An iPhone case can be your way of expressing creativity.  You can customize it in terms of its color, design and material. Whether you are an art connoisseur, sports fanatic, fashion trendsetter or a successful businessman, there is an iPhone case and cover that will absolutely fit your way of life and taste of style.


The smart phone you use is absolutely visible; whatever you use to encase it will define your personality. That is indeed a fair amount of pressure. Luckily, when it comes to stylish and trendy cases, there is a plethora of options to choose from.  Whether you are into expensive grown up fashion or the sassy teenage girl style, you can definitely exude fashion in your phone case and own it.


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