Wood iPhone Cases and Covers

Back to Nature with iCoverLover Wood Cases & Covers

Get in touch with nature with our iPhone 6 Cases & Covers. iCoverLover offers great and stylish iPhone Cases & Covers made from rosewood, walnut wood, cherry wood and bamboo (technically not wood, just looks like it 🙂 ).

Wood is an ancient material that gives us unlimited options of use. We have come a long way since using it only to survive (fire, building houses). And even today we discover new ways to use it.

Rosewood is strong and heavy with dark chocolate color and it is mostly used for furniture, flooring, guitars, chess figures, ornaments. It is often used for extrecting oil which has a sweet, floral-wood scent and it is believed to act as an aphrodisiac. Rosewood is listed as an endangered species due to overexploitation.

Walnut wood is very versatile and it can range from light to dark brown or chocolate brown. It grows in Europe, America and Asia. Most common uses of walnut wod are for musical instruments, fine furniture, cabinetry, flooring. This wood is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy.

Cherry wood is easy to work with and the color is brown with a hint of pink or dark red to it. It darkens with age which is a quality considered desirable and beautiful. This wood is used for furniture, cabinets, small accessories.

Bamboo is an evergreen plant in the grass family. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and it represents strength, durability and resistance. Bamboo is used for food (not only for pandas but also for people), furniture, flooring, even carpets and curtains.

Wood iCoverLover Cases & Covers will not only protect your iPhone (especially iPhone 6, you know, because it bends 😛 ) but they will also give you the feeling of warmth that only wood will give you.

Check out are wooden offer at http://www.icoverlover.com.au/wood-cases-covers/.

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