Bamboo iPhone 6 case

Brand New Wooden iPhone 6 Case Collections from iCoverLover

iCoverLover, Australia’s leading website for iPhone cases, covers and accessories, now offers a brand new range of stylish and high quality products. The new range addresses the needs of customers of all ages, striking the perfect balance between beauty and practicality. Manufactured using top quality materials, they follow the latest trends in phone accessories design and draw inspiration from the elegance and minimalism of the smartphones that they were created for. If you’ve just bought Apple’s latest flagship and you’re looking for a way to prevent damage, while at the same time making a personal statement, you should definitely invest in a good iPhone 6 case.

Wooden cases and covers

When it comes to phone accessories, wooden cases are the next big thing and this doesn’t come as any surprise, considering the timeless beauty, elegance and warmth of this material. We have expanded the great selection of wooden cases, handmade with care from bamboo, walnut, cork, pinewood, rosewood or cherry. Their natural, minimalistic look, with sleek lines and a smooth premium feel are perfect for iPhone users who are willing to go the extra mile and buy the ultimate accessory. Each type of wood has its special texture, gradient and colour and you can also find cases engraved with delicate drawings such as trees.

What else do you get with iCoverLover?

No matter the look you want to go for, shopping for phone covers at iCoverLover comes with a few perks. For each purchased case, you get a free $15 screen protector for added security. Also, with every iPhone case order you will receive a free splash resistant bag worth $20. Last, but not least, you can enjoy fast Australia-wide delivery, product warranty and an additional 10% off for returning clients!

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