Vladimir Cherepanoff

Australian Art Collaboration Launch

Custom iPhone 5 Cases & Covers in Support of Australian Art

We can barely contain our excitement as we announce the launch of the limited edition  Art Collaboration Custom iPhone 5 cases here at iCoverLover in support of Australian art.

Our team is incredibly honoured to present the latest state of the art iPhone 5 covers featuring two extremely talented Sydney artists: Vladimir Cherepanoff and Papier Princesse.

The art collaboration custom iPhone 5 cases are edgy, stylish and unique as well as functional. Perfect for the savvy, creative and fashionable individual always on the move.

Our custom iPhone 5 covers are highly durable, protective and shock absorbing ensuring your beloved iPhone 5 remains intact.

What’s more the chic artistic designs wrap around the entire exterior of the iPhone 5 cover, with mould-fitting cut out’s ensuring easy access to all buttons and ports.

iCoverLover’s latest Art Collaboration iPhone covers are designed with the environment in mind. Our unique custom design technology features an eco-friendly, unique 3D heat printing process.

Each custom art iPhone case is individually made with love, and what’s more every cover from our Art Collaboration has an intriguing story behind it.

Meet The Artist – Vladimir Cherepanoff

“The artistic realm where I like to draw is somewhere between Pop Art and Graffiti.” Vladimir tells us over coffee, as we finalise the very first collaborative collection for the exciting launch of iCoverLover’s Art Collaboration.

Vladimir Cherepanoff – iPhone 5 Covers Artist

“Some of my early inspirations into painting came from the likes of Futura 2000 (Graffiti Artist), and Jean-Michel Basquiat (Pop Artist), Jeff Koons (Pop Artist) and Early Russian Socialist Realism. My current inspirations come from a wide range of artists and activist alike. Such as Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, Adam Cullen, Dr. Cornel West, Howard Arkley, Pussy Riot, Julian Assange and many more. I believe that ART is the hammer in which to shape society. Science and politics are a crucial element in an artist’s expression. To understand what is human in the 21st century, we must understand the geopolitical dynamics of the world we live in and comprehend the technological possibilities of this future state. If the concepts of an evolved and united civilisation aided by technology can spread across the globe in a nano second, then the tools required to create it are already in our hands. What we do with this immense power will determine our future.”

Vladimir was a natural artist of choice for iCoverLover, we love his artistic passion, style, as well as the depth and substance of his creative direction.

Take a look at Vladimir’s thought-provoking and expressive art via our limited edition collaboration custom iPhone 5 cases.

Each unique collection iPhone 5 cover is named after a specific art series Vladimir has created in his creative experimentation over the years, each custom iPhone 5 cover tells a unique story.

The art series are titled: Heroes, Aerosol, Dada and Nude.

Dada iPhone 5 Case by Vladimir CherepanoffAerosol iPhone 5 Case by Vladimir CherepanoffHero iPhone 5 Case by Vladimir CherepanoffNude iPhone 5 Case by Vladimir Cherepanoff

Meet the Artist – Papier Princesse 

Sydney artist and chic yummy mummy Talitha McQueen is another artist we just adore. She is the face and creative genius behind the über cute, girly and fashion inspired Papier Princesse designs.

Papier Princesse – Custom iPhone 5 Covers Artist
“I find inspiration in so many things, the work of other artists, film, new experiences, fashion and travel. 
For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with fashion. I believe some of the best designers are also the great artists of our time. Alexander McQueen was a true genius and I often look through pictures of his catwalk shows as I find the silhouettes of his designs very interesting to sketch.”  It’s not hard to see why we totally resonate with and adore the work of Papier Princesse.
Just like us Talitha loves Paris, I mean can you blame her! She candidly confesses: “I’m also a complete Francophile. I fell in love with Paris many years ago. The history of the artists who lived there 1900 to 1930 is so interesting to me. I wish I’d lived in that era. They struggled for their art but there’s something I find romantic about that. The artists who inspire me the most are Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse and also the great illustrators Jean-Dupas and Georges Lepape.” 
Fashion, beauty and nostalgia for the old artistic charm that is Europe is all around….ah, Paris je t’aime! 
Whether you are a fashionista, art enthusiast, Francophile or just love all things Paris take a look at the fun and creative stories behind Papier Princesse’s gorgeous collections: Gum Trip and Little Black Dress custom iPhone 5 cases.
Papiere Princess Gum Trip iPhone 5 Case Little Black Dress by Papiere Princesse iPhone 5 case
Get inspired, stand out from the crowd and support talented Australian artists.

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