Apple announces new iOS7

Screen Shots:  Control Center, Notification Center, and Multitasking

Apple held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and shown us all the new developments with the iOS7.

The revamped operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod – iOS7 has some long overdue changes that we at iCoverLover welcome.

One new feature that is that you can block specific people from being able to call or text you!  Great news if you have a stalker or an ex that just won’t leave you alone.

At iCoverLover we love the brand new control and notification center plus an easier to use multitasking area.  Icons on the phone for apps are also “flatter” making for a more conservative feel.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said “it’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” while designer Jony Ivy added that “it has a whole new structure that is coherent and that is applied across the entire system, we’ve considered the tiniest details like refining the typography to much larger ones like redesigning all the icons.”

Screen Shots:  iTunes Radio, Photos, and AirDrop

Apple also announced the brand new subscription music streaming service to rival the already popular services Songl, Spotify, Pandora and Google Music.  It will be called iTunes Music.  It will contain music discovery through genre and featured stations based around a specific song or artist. Unlike its competitors, the service will only be available to people living in the US though which is disappotnting for us Aussies.  That said we do already have enough choices in this area.  We dare say that will be a development when they sort out rights and royalties.

Another new feature is called Airdrop.  This will make it easier to share photos, contacts, videos and other content with iPhone users.  Information can be shared through bluetooth or Wifi but will only be available on newer devices running the new operating system – so if this looks like something you must have now, then the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is something to add to your shopping lost when they are announced.

Screen Shots: Mail, Weather, and Messages

The new iOS 7 camera has had a nice upgrade and has borrowed some of the useful features of photo sharing site Instagram, with photo filters and a new “square capture” mode – making it easier to share photos on Instagram.  When photos are taken, these are also now stored into folders called “Moments”.  Apple seem to be removing the need for Apps such as “No Crop” as more and more functionality comes native to the new iOS7.

Siri has also been given a makeover and can even be male!

It can also now control certain features of your phone such as turning on your Wifi, taking a photo or getting search results from the new Facebook search.  This is great news, as Siti has never been that useful on high frequency activities.

Screen Shots: Camera, Safari, and Siri

The App Store has also been redesigned with the same black and white look, with apps being automatically updated without you needing to lift a finger – it does make we wonder why this has never been automatic?

There is also a feature called ‘Activation Lock’ which will hopefully deter would be thieves.  If someone tries to turn off Find My iPhone or erase the device, the thief will be required to enter a user’s iCloud user name.

iOS 7 will be available in August/September.

What are your thoughts on the updates?  Looks like some big steps forward for the iPhone and may just help them regain some market share from the emerging and growing Android & Samsung phones.

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