LifeProof iPhone Cases – Here’s the Proof

LifeProof 4 Proofs

iCoverLover is a proud distributor of genuine LifeProof cases.  The team at LifeProof, headed up by Aussie Gary Rayner have developed series of cases that are simply LifeProof.  There are a lot of fakes out there, mostly cheap  rip-off’s from China which may look the same and have the similar packaging but ultimately lack the correct serial numbers that prove they are in fact the real deal.

The genuine LifeProof Case is a wonderful piece of engineering and will protect your iPhone from all sorts of situations, if it’s not the real thing there is simply no point.

Check out this video from their CEO talking about the new LifeProof Fre’ iPhone 5 Case.

If you aren’t sure what these LifeProof cases can do, then check out this promo spot.

At iCoverLover we love our iPhones.  When we are out and about or doing something a little extreme, we choose LifeProof!

Check out our range here.

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