3 ‘Must Have’ iPhone 5 Accessories

The iPhone 5 – you have one, you love it, but not everything you need comes in the box.  We’ve tracked down the simple yet essential iPhone 5 accessories that will get you through the day.

SGP iPhone 5 Screen Protectors

iphone_5_steinheil_uf_1__27899.1361959333.1280.1280SGP Screen Protectors – simply the best quality on the market.  They are a dream to install.  You get perfect results every time – in other words, a bubble free, beautiful installation.  Pictured is the Ultra-Fine model – it repels fingerprints, and keeps your LCD looking great, scratch free and in top condition.  Check out the diagram at the end of this post which shows the features of each of the SGP different iPhone 5 Screen Protectors and choose which one is best suited to your needs.

iPhone 5 Car Charger

iPhone_5_Car_Charger__04617.1362394218.1280.1280The most common complaint we hear about the iPhone 5 is the battery life.  There is nothing more annoying than having to turn off your emails, turn down the backlight or worse still turn it off for a while just to get you through the day.  

Therefore, a car charger is an essential for any iPhone 5 owner.  It plugs into your lighter connection, and keeps you powered for many more hours than the iPhone 5 can do alone.

Lightning Adapter iPhone 5 / iPad Mini

Lightning_to_30_pin_Adapter__84341.1356476874.1280.1280The Lightning Pin Adapter is a must have for anyone who has upgraded devices and now has a bottom drawer full of accessories they can no longer use.  If you are an iPad Mini or an iPhone 5 owner, then you no doubt have dealt with that frustration.  The reality is, Apple had been using the old charging connection for many years so it’s not a bad thing to see some progress on.

This simple solution will bring your accessories back from retirement and enable them to have a few more years of active service.

There are of course many more awesome and cool accessories for the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini – check out our full range here.


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