The iCoverLover Story

We were thinking this weekend that each brand has a unique story……

For us it was the undeniable passion for adding a touch of personality to our beloved i-gadgets, ensuring they represented our style and were always protected. So in a nut-shell the iCoverLover romance was born in summer 2010 in a Bronte beach pad.

We are an Australian owned company, based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – the Latte Life, if you like.

Domen, who is in his mid 20’s, a life-long self-confessed tech lover and entrepreneur at heart, ran a very successful mobile phone business in his early 20’s. A decade later, in a successful Media and Advertising career he was still obsessed with all things phones and wanted to find a cool Australian online supplier of covers for his beloved i-gadgets. He just needed something to protect his latest iPhone and iPad. Which as much as he tried to take care of, always somehow ended up battered and scratched. More importantly, he wanted to find a case which, represented his personality, it had to be fun.

He looked around for a while and eventually realized it was his mission to help make phones just a little bit more amazing for himself, his friends and other like-minded people in Australia and around the world. Each case has a unique story behind it, be it a European vacation, a childhood fascination or the need to impress.

I am in my 20’s, with a background in Media as well as Marketing and PR. With a true love for traveling to exotic destinations, beautiful photography, art, up and coming Australian and international fashion designers, yoga and running in Bondi Beach.

Life without Instagram and Pinterest  is unimaginable for me, not unlike many other Gen Y’s otherwise known as the MTV Generation. My iPhone has always been indispensable, an extension of my personality really. What I wanted was a beautiful iPhone case or three…

Sure enough, our style preferences might be totally different, and that’s reflected in the diverse product range. What we had in common was a vision to really understand our consumer’s need and help make their beloved phones just a little bit more amazing.

Over the past two years our love has become a true religion! Lucky for us phones are also fast becoming the most used accessory, they are in our hands wherever we go all day long.

Our eclectic portfolio of premier cases and technology accessories is inspired by the desire to provide unique and stylish products to protect and adorn your gadget….its all about quality!

iCoverLover is the Australian leader in design of fashion-forward premium smartphone and tablet cases; including iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy cases, iPad cases, car mounts, iPhone car chargers and other funky smartphone and tablet accessories such as: docking stations, tripods and screen protectors.

What’s more, deliveries are fast and free Australia wide, you get a free cool top grade screen protector and a free splash resistant phone bag with each case.

So thanks to you here we are guys….we love getting all sorts of feedback and requests, so please don’t be shy and get in touch with us by shooting us a note to

That’s it for now, have a great week.

Lots of love,

Lara …..iCoverLover Blogger xx

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