Three Ways To Travel In Style

I have to say that in the midst of all the iPhone 5 release mania, with all the pro’s and cons being thrown around by tech savvy experts and wannabe’s alike wanting to have their five cents worth. It’s actually Virgin’s Passbook, made possible, by the launch of iOS6 and coinciding with the iPhone 5 launch that’s got me on the verge of my seat.

1. A Passbook, is basically ‘a digital wallet that stores boarding passes; Passbook is an innovative new application that is set to streamline Mobile Check-In and boarding processes’ according to the latest update from Virgin via their blog.

Personally, it was the tagline that caught my attention: iPhone 5 is here, and is set to make Mobile Check-in and boarding even easier.

Now if you are an avid jetsetter like me, you probably love to travel, but the thought of long airport queues and jet lag make you shiver! Combating jet lag will continue to be a part of my reality for quite sometime, combined with being a squashed up passenger on rather arduous long distance economy class flights.

However, the good news story is that the lovely folk at Virgin are listening to travellers like me, and have attempted to make life in air-transit more pleasant by enabling us to skip the long airport queues with the help of a web enabled smartphone which allows you to check in and obtain a mobile boarding pass, allowing you to feel like a VIP, if only temporarily.

Take a look at how you can check in like a VIP using Virgin Mobile Check-in!

2. When you need to travel light, then this White iPhone 5 case with credit card slot is just the solution. The case is ultra slim, light weight and also holds your credit card or drivers license, available in black, white or pink!

3.Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is your ultimate ticket to freedom!

As much as you love using your iPad or iPhone, when travelling they just aren’t as productive as your Mac or PC.

The good news is that you can now leave your beloved laptop at home in favour of this savvy piece of technology. So grab yourself a lightweight Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, take it anywhere you go and improve your typing speeds and output dramatically.

It’s also compatible with any iPad or iPhone as well as any PC, Mac or Smartphone that has Bluetooth.

Whether you are a frequent business traveller, student or a sporadic adventurer who enjoys weekend get-away’s just switch it on, connect in a matter of seconds and transform your speed and accuracy while writing emails, sending text messages or simply capturing your thoughts.

Click here to view the entire latest iPhone 5 collection!

Safe travels and till next time…

iCoverLover xx

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