Five Ways To Get Fit For Summer

Summer is almost upon us here in Sydney, the days are getting longer, and at 7 PM it is still bright, thanks to daylight savings!

I won’t deny that summer has by far always been my favourite season. The longer days, allow me to choose what time of the day I can go on my favourite Bondi to Bronte coastal walk or run, enjoy yoga outdoors by the beach or go for a refreshing swim before sundown – to wash away the day’s worries.

This winter and a recent European getaway are certainly responsible for a few unwanted kilos I have managed to acquire, and seeing that its already mid-October its time to spring into summer and get fit!

Sounds simple right?! If only it was, finding the time and motivation to not only exercise, but also work towards ensuring that a healthy body, mind and soul become your lifestyle in today’s world can sometimes be excruciatingly hard.

Being an all or nothing person I have decided to dive right in and set myself some very S.M.A.R.T goals:

  1. Clean diet: It is a well known fact that you can exercise as much as you like, but if you are not eating right your body will not thank you. To give my system a good detox and to prepare myself mentally for ongoing healthy eating, I will start by going on the strict three week LifeChangeDiet program next week. I am choosing this program in particular, as it’s not a fad; it’s a way of life. Yes it requires serious commitment, but as the old saying goes; nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Sober Ocsober: and yes November too… I have never been a big drinker, but saying goodbye to as much as sip of wine with dinner for two months nonetheless will be a challenge! Sober Ocsober is not only a great way to say goodbye to alcohol, but to help raise invaluable funds for charity and have fun with likeminded others along the way!
  3. Lots of running and walking: there is nothing quite like getting fresh air outdoors, unwinding after a busy day, listening to my music and at the same time getting fit. iCoverLover have just released the super cute and comfy iPhone 5 running arm-bands, I am loving the one in blue! (A black arm-band is also available). Check out the latest iCoverLover iPhone 5 running arm-bands.
  4. Yoga: has been one of my favourite past times for quite a few years now, not only due to the incredible physical benefits (models swear by it…) but the mediation and relaxation component is equally important for me. I will be making sure that I do 4-5 yoga sessions a week, mixing it up with a good combination of high and low intensity classes to keep it fun.
  5. And finally:….it’s been yet another long day/week…so I will be making more time for me by keeping my diary free from too many social commitments while I am on the 3 week LifeChangeDiet program. It’s a great way to get plenty of much needed rest and avoid making unhealthy choices by cheating!

Happy & healthy weekend to all!

iCoverLover xxx

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