Take a step back in time with your iPhone 4 or 5

Take a step back in time with your iPhone 4 or 5

The iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones on the market nowadays. Consequently, it is also one of the most expensive, as it offers numerous features that other phones don’t have. Having the iPhone makes a fashion statement, especially when you accessorize it to reflect your own tastes and personality. You can do this by selecting a case to put your new iPhone in.

Retro iPhone 4 Cassette Tape Case

Plus, iPhone cases help protect your phone from scratches and other damages in the event that it falls off a surface or that you drop it.

iPhone Retro  Case Cassette Tape

One of the most recently popular types of iPhone covers is one that features the design of a cassette tape on it. These iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 cases cover the back of your iPhone and when held horizontally, look like an old-school cassette tape. They have a distinctly retro and vintage look and can be purchased in a variety of colours.

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They are unisex as well, appropriate for both guys and girls. Guys might purchase an iPhone 4s cover cassette tape in a classic black, whereas girls might purchase one in hot pink and neon blue.

Silicone Case vs. Hard-Shell Case

There are two different types of cases that you can select from when purchasing an iPhone 4s cover cassette tape case. One is a silicone case, and the other is a hard-shell case. A silicone case is made of a stretchy, rubbery silicone material. It provides a nice grip for your iPhone and is slip-resistant, so it’s much less likely that your iPhone will slide off a surface when you have a silicone case on it.

A hard-shell case, however, is made of a hard plastic material that, while not as slip-resistant as the silicone case, is more likely to protect your iPhone from damages caused on impact when it falls or is dropped.

Usually a hard-shell case is easier to put on your iPhone 4s. You simply position the front and back pieces of the case onto your iPhone and press them together to snap the case onto your phone. A silicone case, however, usually comes in one piece that must be pulled and stretched over your iPhone. You often have to work with the silicone to get it properly positioned onto the phone.

Both types of cases have their advantages and disadvantages, so whichever one you get mostly depends upon your personal preference. Having either type of protective cover on your iPhone 4s is sure to provide your iPhone 4 or 4s more protection, however, than not having one at all.

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