Customer Satisfaction Survey 2011

Salutations iCoverlovers!

We recently did a Customer Satisfaction survey on a random selection of our customers and thought we’d share some of the results!

58% of respondents said they got their packages “Super Fast” and 42% said it arrived “Right on Time”.

We have Zero “Dissatisfaction” with the Price and Value.

The other highlights included that we have a Very easy online store to get around and our Secure Payment with PayPal was easy to use, and highly trustworthy!

100% of customers said they were “Extremely Likely” 37%, “Very Likely” 42% or “Moderately Likely” 21% to recommend to their friends!!

We really appreciate the feedback, and thank you to everyone that participated.

You can read all of the questions here

We’ve notified the winners, and they’ve got their credit in their accounts!

James Hopkins

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