3 Screen Protectors – get the low down!

There are a number of different screen protectors out there for your LCD screens – choosing the right one is important for the conditions under which you operate most of the time.  Clear, Anti-Glare and Mirrored are the most popular by far – so what’s the difference?

Clear protectors are just that, clear!  They cover and protect your LCD.  If your screen has scratches, which it no doubt will if you havent protected it, it covers them up and gives you a fresh new look for your phone.  It will revitalise the appearance of the LCD – it’s like giving your iPhone or iPad a Facelift!!

Anti-Glare – The harsh lighting in most office and industrial environments can make it almost impossible to do your job well when you have to rely on hard-to-read LCD screens. An Anti-glare Screen Protector will drastically reduce annoying surface glare under bright lights indoors or in the home or office.  An Anti-glare screen hides fingerprints and stops that light reflecting back into your eyes!

Mirrored Screen Protectors have a number of advantages and a couple of disadvantages.  Again it depends on your situation and how you use your iPhone or iPad.

They provide a very useful mirror, that can be used for make-up and making sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth.  You can leave the compact mirror at home Ladies as this does the job!

However there are a few things to be aware of.  You generally need to increase the brightness of your screen a little, and this can cause extra drain on your battery life.  At the beach, or in very sunny conditions, it can be difficult to see the screen as the bright light is reflected straight back at you!

Check out this video which shows how they look on your phone!

We have all of the above protectors at www.icoverlover.com and have them at great prices. You can shop safely and securely at icoverlover!

So tell me, what cover do you use and why?

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